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I'm Mark, a Winnipeg-based Wedding and Lifestyle photographer. I have ventured to many beautiful destinations across Canada and the world to please my clients. Maybe you're here because you're looking to find the right photographer for your special day. Perhaps you saw some of my work online and wanted to see more. Or maybe we had the lucky chance to meet and you wanted to see what I do. Never the less, thank you for your time!

Feel free to look around, check out my wonderful clients and get to know my elegant yet modern style that makes me unique. 

“I catch the little things that other people miss... your nervous half-smile right before you walk down the aisle, that silly look he gives you when you say something funny and the way you scrunch your nose just a bit when he kisses your forehead. When you hire me to photograph your wedding day, you are inviting me to capture your special day through my eyes... I pride myself on capturing the tender moments that come and go in an instant.”



Enjoy the images from these passionate couples. Get to know my creative side and how I utilize light to make the most of every beautiful image opportunity.


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This gallery is filled with loving families having a great time with one another.